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quilling tools assinada

One of my favorite paper techniques is called “Quilling” (also known as paper filigree) it was born over five hundred years ago; it is an antique art that has records at least in two distinct phases in history. First of all, in the Middle Age, when the portals and ornament of the churches were decorated with this technique, but it was made with less noble metals.

After that it was revived in the Victorian Age, by women, that inspired in these decorations of the Middle Age, started working with paper, reproducing detailed rich jewelry. The French and the Italians improved this art using the “filigree” technique to decorate religious objects. In the 18th century, filigree technique became popular in England, and came to America, in the Revolution period. But it was a craft practiced by wealthy lady’s, because at that time paper was a depleted luxury.

The term Quilling was adopted when the filigree art work was spread by the American colonies, and perhaps it was called because the rolls and circles were made with goose feathers “quills”.

Quilling technique is back to being popular, Quilling it self is being used frequently to frame portraits, wedding invitations, cards, picture frames, boxes and most recently with scrapbooking. If you are looking for some nice tutorials there is this blog http://thecraftyangels.com/50-quilling-tutorials-and-techniques/where you can look step by step how to do some nice Quilling art.


JOHNSTON, M. (1994). The Book of Paper Quilling Techniques & Projects for Paper Filigree. Ashville, NC: Altamont Press.


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